New Security Measures against Hackers and Malware

For our website design clients:

website management, website designAs part of our continuing management service of your website, we are implementing some new security features that will help help keep your website healthy. The new software is called Wordfence and it is designed to keep hackers from gaining access into the site and to send us an alert if it detects unusual activity to the code files in the website. We also have Sucuri installed on all of our websites to scan and repair viral infections.

I know it doesn’t make sense that nice companies could have infected websites, but it can and does happen. A website is a lot like your computer’s desktop system. If you don’t keep your operating system and your applications up-to-date, vulnerabilities can discovered and used by bad people to get into your site and infect it. This can in turn infect some of the visitors to your site. And if your website does not get repaired quickly enough, the search engines will blacklist it. Imagine having visitors calling you to tell you that your website is infecting their computer!

So, we take the security of your website very seriously. That is why we are constantly upgrading the programming platform and the plugins. Sometimes, these upgrades cause us all new problems but we must weight that against the possibility of leaving your site vulnerable to an attack. So, we do the upgrades. And then we test the site.

If you have any questions or concerns, click here to send us a message. Or call us at 202-462-4290. Do you need any new features, forms, surveys or even an eCommerce solution added to your site? Please let us know and we will help you add that feature.