Written by Stu Kushner

Join the Crowd. Comment on Niche Blogs.

Blog-Comments (1)Some business owners tend to get lost in their own little world when it comes to their internet marketing strategy.  They have scheduled times to generate content for their blogs, scheduled time to update their social networking accounts and scheduled times to send out e-mail newsletters. This is is all incredibly important because it ensures that these tasks are part of the regular routine. But you also need a little time for some spontaneous internet marketing as well.

If you want to become known for your expertise in your field, you need to be immersed in what’s going on. That includes actively reading other blogs within your niche and leaving relevant comments when appropriate.  You can get active in your community and make your presence felt by posting comments on other high profile blogs. Join the crowd and leave your mark in such a way that the writer and the readers of the blog can’t help but take notice. This will help drive plenty of relevant traffic toward your website and your business.  If you are particularly impressed with the topic or style of another blog in your niche and find yourself commenting on articles frequently, you may even want to take your involvement a step further and offer up a guest post to the blog owner.

You can get solid results from your internet marketing efforts by regular blog and social media updates, but in order to make as big of an impact in your niche as possible, you’ve got to get involved beyond your site alone.

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