Written by Stu Kushner

Online Video Marketing: Communication & Customer Service

Internet users DO read articles online, if it meets their interests. More often, they simply search for keywords and links related to those interests.

Videos are crucial for online marketing because they allow interaction and increased engagement with potential customers. The trick is first, to entice the user to select your link, and then make them stay long enough to get your pitch. Your pitch is what makes them buy.

But most Internet users are not “readers”, so JUST information and an all text format won’t interest them much. Information in the form of an interactive video is not only preferable, but vital. Internet viewers get most of their information from graphics and, rather than just text. Captivating graphics and visuals are essential to make your pitch, and an online video’s ability for interaction, immediate gratification and response is the perfect marketing tool for web users of any age.

Conventional print advertising is static. Magazine ads rely purely on text and graphics to entice potential customers to buy a product. Television adds movement, voice and “personality” to the mix; but for promoting a product, only online marketing videos add interaction and accessibility to the mix, allowing the consumer almost instant gratification and response by  offering options for immediate online purchase and payment. It is the marketer’s dream come true: the Internet is the perfect vehicle for ‘impulse buying”.

There are many internet focused video producers that have the tools and knowledge to target video audiences for marketing. They also have the experience to produce professional videos in your website, adding links, tags and categories to attract potential customers surfing the web, and exploiting the popularity of public sites like YouTube to achieve your goal of turning browsers into consumers.  Get on the internet video bandwagon and play your song!

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