Written by Stu Kushner

Planning Ahead

Most small business owners are aware of just how important regular blog updates can be to their internet marketing plan.  The question that comes to mind most for those just starting out blogging is, “where will I find the time to write a blog post every single day?”

The good news is that you don’t have to write every day in order to maintain a regular stream of content on your blog – even if you want to post a new piece of content every day.  Most of the popular blog platforms allow you to adjust the time stamp in order to publish a new post at exactly the time you’d like it to appear.

This handy feature gives you the opportunity to generate unique, high quality content whenever you’ve got the time to do so and then have it post to your blog at the same time every day.  You could set aside several hours on a weekend and generate enough usable content to satisfy your readers for a week of daily updates (or more).

Knowing that you’ve got the freedom to post ahead and take care of a few days or weeks worth of content takes a lot of pressure out of blogging.   Every business owner can run into unforeseen issues that will disrupt their daily schedule.  By scheduling blog posts ahead you can rest assured that this valuable part of your marketing plan will be put to good use everyday, regardless of whether you’ve got the time that day to devote to it or not.

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