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Written by Stu Kushner

PPC Ads on Yahoo/Bing for Increasing Traffic. Does It Pay?

The best way to increase your web business is to drive more relevant traffic to your website and though there are a number of different marketing strategies that will help with this, you need to determine which one is the best for your particular situation Pay per Click or organic.

Regardless of how big you’d like your business to get; your internet marketing strategy will probably largely depend on your business’ budget.  Most smaller companies won’ t have an unlimited budget to spend on web marketing, but prior to making any kind of final decision on the marketing route that you decide to go down, you should understand that there is really no such thing as “free marketing.”

You can work to develop quality content on a daily blog and promote it yourself via different channels, but even though you aren’t necessarily paying money out of an advertising budget for this, you are still paying with plenty of time and effort.

Sometimes the one option that many small to medium sized businesses consider to generate fast and relevant traffic to their websites is to invest money in PPC ads on search engines like Yahoo/Bing and Google.  The problem with this strategy is that you pay for a click and then if you don’t have a conversion, the money is gone and there is no long term marketing gain – just an immediate one time exposure.

Instead, we recommend that your money and efforts would be better spent in enhancing your organic or unpaid search placement. Although this approach takes more time to really reap a benefit, the benefit is long lasting and can actually help to reduce your website advertising budget over time. Another thing to remember as you consider using Pay Per Click advertising is that websites listed in the organic results will have more “authority” in the customer’s eyes than a listing found in a sponsored advertising section as you buy your way there.

The goal for any business should be for long term organic placement and not just a boost that pay per click services provide in the immediate time frame. Spend your money where it will really count, organic search placement.

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