Written by Stu Kushner

Preventing Interaction can Prevent Growth

online marketing, website design , PostTaking the time to create a Facebook page for marketing your business is a huge step towards establishing and growing your brand.  In order to make your Facebook page as effective as possible though you’ve got to provide every opportunity for interaction, this means allowing your connections to post freely on your wall.

Some business owners are leery about allowing others post on their wall because of the possibility of negative or potentially offensive comments.  You’ve got to remember though that Facebook is a valuable marketing tool because of the fact that it is a social networking platform.  By denying your friends and fans the opportunity to communicate with you and your other connections you are severely limiting your opportunity for growth in the social marketing medium.

Every business has occasional problems and hits bumps in the road.  Having the ability to readily and capably deal with customer issues is something that you shouldn’t necessarily hide from your current customers and prospects.  By inviting user comments you can immediately deal with the questions, concerns and problems of your customers and prospects and create the transparency necessary to attract people to your brand.

An added bonus of allowing Facebook users to freely post on your wall is that it can instantly multiply your exposure.  When a friend or fan engages you, their post will be visible to all of their connections which could conceivably put your page in front of the eyes of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of additional prospects.

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