Written by Stu Kushner

The Importance of Proper Grammar

Grammar-AppleAn all too often overlooked aspect of blogging is identifying and eliminating grammar and spelling mistakes.  If you are presenting yourself as an expert on a given topic, you need to write authoritatively and it’s difficult to sound like an authority if your writing is littered with mistakes.

The whole point of developing a business blog as part of your marketing strategy is to attract, entertain and develop trust among your readers.  If you gain a solid following and openly communicate with your community of readers, you will ultimately get sales and additional traffic from those efforts.  In order to gain that trust though, you’ve got to keep those readers around. And the best way to do that is with well written (error free), high quality content.

You can’t spend the bulk of your time just generating the post and then relying on spell check to pinpoint the mistakes.  You’ve got to actually go back and read, then re-read the content to be certain that everything makes sense and that there are no glaring errors.

Reading, researching and writing an informative post is much more of an investment of time than proofreading it. Without that secondary step of correcting your mistakes, you will most certainly lose readers.  Even if you’ve come up with the single greatest topic in the history of your particular niche, there is a good portion of people who’ll never reach the end if there are an abundance of simple mistakes.

Read your posts thoroughly prior to hitting the publish button and make the necessary corrections.  Your prospects are an intelligent bunch; you’ve got to provide writing to match their intellect if you hope to have any success with this section of your internet marketing strategy. And if you don’t have the ability to add blog postings and articles to your website, call us!

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