Written by Stu Kushner

Quality Content the Easy Way

WritingA few posts back we touched on the massive benefits that you can get from contributing a guest post to a popular blog within your niche.  Now that you know how lending a hand to your fellow business man can benefit you, let’s take a look at what asking for some content in return can do for you.

Having someone provide you with a guest post for your blog holds many of the very same marketing benefits that doling one out does.  Your guest poster will likely work hard on the piece to make a good impression with your readers and because of that hard work he’ll be very interested in showing it off to his own readers, friends and followers.  You’ll likely get the benefit of a link from his/her business blog as well as exposure in the social media front.

This guest post could conceivably yield double the amount of traffic that you normally get on a typical post.  If the content that you’ve got surrounding the guest post is good, you can expect to turn some of those readers sent by your guest poster into regulars and possibly even customers.

Of course you’ve got to be selective about who you ask to contribute a guest post.  It’s a good idea to use the same formula that you used to determine who you would offer your guest post to in order to make your selection.  Look for a blogger that is respected within the niche, that produces quality content and that has a good following and you will reap plenty of benefits for having a guest post provided for you.

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