Written by Stu Kushner

Separate Your Social Personalities

Social-NetworkSocial networking sites can be a bit addictive.  It’s wonderful having access to so much information and to be able to start, share and participate in so many different conversations.  But when using your social networking accounts for business marketing purposes, it’s very important that you not get too carried away with your updates.

Your Facebook and Twitter updates don’t all necessarily have to be specifically about your business but they should be relevant, informative or entertaining. And they should be on no more than a PG-13 level.  You can have fun and completely cut loose on social networking sites, but save R-rated behavior for your personal accounts rather than your business accounts.  It’s great to spend as much time as possible on your business social networking accounts, but only if you are using that time wisely.

Even though you may operate your business by yourself and completely online, you still need to abide by certain rules of etiquette if you want to keep your friends and followers and ultimately turn them into customers.

Think of how you like to be talked to and treated inside the walls of the brick and mortar businesses that you frequent, and then treat your social networking prospects exactly that same way.  Be respectful, be helpful, be friendly, go the extra mile and make yourself memorable in the ways that you advertise your business will reap the rewards of social media marketing.

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