Short Messages for Long Term Connection

social-media-marketing-300x224Your social media marketing efforts revolve around delivering the fastest, most concise and most direct messages possible to your customers.  Just because this mode of communicating with your customers and prospects is fast, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your efforts will yield rapid results though.

Prior to embarking on a social media marketing campaign you need to understand that this method of communication is more about building a relationship with your customers than netting quick sales.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter give you an opportunity to become a part of your prospects everyday life so that you can build the trust and transparency necessary to convert sales.

You shouldn’t view your social media profiles as a means of direct advertisement, though they can be a very powerful advertising tool.  You should view your profiles as the perfect opportunity to give your brand a personality that will facilitate the communication with prospects that will ultimately result in an increase in sales.

If you expect immediate sales from a social media marketing campaign you are likely to get discouraged and abandon the efforts as ineffective which could be a big mistake.  Just as with developing your product and building your knowledge in your niche though, success in social media marketing takes time.  If you’ve got a solid product and good customer service, investing the time in social media is a very effective way to connect with customers, monitor your reputation and build your brand online.