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Simple Google Competitive Analysis of Your Market

In business, we all have competitors. I like people but I hate my competitors. They win opportunities for work that I never hear about. The IT Support industry is enormous and I have tons of competition. Web design and Internet Marketing are hot industries and not only do I have a lot of competition but my competition is very savvy at marketing their companies on the Internet.

Whenever the phone rings and I have an opportunity to talk to a new potential client, I ask them a few basic question. I ask them the following:

  • Your Name?
  • Your Company?
  • Your Address?
  • Your Phone?
  • Your Email Address?
  • How did you find Progressive Office?

As I am talking to them and asking them questions about their issue(s), I pull up their website to learn more about what they do. And I sometimes give them an analysis of  their website and some hints on how they can make it more searchable.

Most companies I speak to are frustrated by their lack of  a “presence” on Google and the other search engines. They do a search and their competitors come up on the first page. How frustrating is that? They find themselves on the 3rd or 4th page. And, even worse, they are showing up way behind search results that are irrelevant. It is simple to do a search for your company on the Internet. Imagine yourself as a potential client and do a search based on keywords that they might use. And if you are having trouble, use this site to research keywords on Google.

Type in a keyword phrase and let Google tell you synonyms phrases and the amount of traffic coming to those phrases. Do not expect to show up for a keyword or phrase that attracts millions of queries a month. For example, I do not expect to show up if someone does a search for “Computers”. But I do show up on the 1st page if you do a search for “IT Support in DC”. Do reasonable search tests. And don’t obsess on the competitor that is showing up #1 on the first page if you are #4 on the first page. If you want that spot, you have to learn what your competition is doing and do it better.

So, what should you look at on your own website?

The first thing to look at is your Title Meta Tag. The Title Meta Tag shows up on the Title Bar of your browser.

This image will help you find the Title Bar in your browser

When you look at the search results in Google, you are getting Title Bars and content. You get 10 search results per page; ten Title Bars and ten content summaries. Notice the bold search results below and watch what happen when you click on the image. The search results title that says “IT Support DC |Computer Help DC |Network Cabling DC |Website…” is the Title Bar of the Progressive Office website. Click on the image and look at the Title Bar of your browser. See? “IT Support DC |Computer Help DC |Network Cabling DC |Website Design DC | Progressive Office, Inc.” is the Title Bar for our site.

Below is the search results I get when I search for “IT Support in DC” in Google.

Each hyperlink is a Title Bar

The image above shows that “IT Support DC” are the words that are highlighted and that the Title Bar attracts great search results.

If, as you click on different pages on your site, you see Title Bars that are not packed with different, effective keyword phrases that match searches of potential clients than your site design is the problem. And if you are not able to easily add, edit and delete content to your site and these Meta Tags, then your site might need to be redesigned. Click here to learn how to create great Meta Tags.

I hope this posting was helpful. Feel free to comment or to contact us if you have questions or concerns about your website.

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