Written by Stu Kushner

Simple Link-Building Solution

Motorcycle_Chain-300x300An external link is a link from a website that points to a page that is outside of its own domain. Getting links to point to your website is called link-building. But why is link-building important to your marketing and to the success of your website?

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines place a lot of value on links on websites that point to your site.  The value is in the credibility that is earned by having a website point to your content. Does your website have links to other websites? If so, why did you do that? You probably do it because you value the content and/or service of that website. Well, the search engines understand that mentality and so they will give your website more credibility and better page ranking if you have lots of links to it from other websites.

But getting a company to place a link on their website is a time-consuming process. And it is also risky if not done properly. You can hire companies to do this for you. But you have to be very careful because many will create spam, junk links that will get rejected. Hundreds have shown up on our site here. But, fortunately, our site has built-in Spam Blocking that detects and deletes spam comments. If you know of a reputable and effective link-building firm, please contact us.

For now, we are creating our own links by simply responding to questions that are posted on websites like FastCompany.com. FastCompany lets you comment on articles with links to your business site. And then there are LinkedIn.com and Yahoo Answers. Both of these websites are packed with individuals and businesses that are looking for free advice. Simply find your area of expertise and reply to the questions. Be sure to give an honest and helpful answer and a link to your website. Do a few a week. Make a habit out of it. If you have a little spare time, rather than looking at sport scores or playing online Sudoku, search through LinkedIn and answer a few questions. The long-term benefits to your website traffic will be well worth your time.

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