Written by Stu Kushner

Be Easy to Find and Easy to Connect With

ENGAGE-300x201A very simple rule to follow when aligning your website, blog and social networking profiles is to make yourself as easy to find on all fronts as possible.  There should be a clear and easily identifiable connection between each and every avenue of your business marketing strategy.

Making important decisions like choosing the title of your business blog or your Twitter user name isn’t necessarily the best time to try and be clever or to show off your creative side.  There are an incredible amount of users already on Twitter and more are joining every day.  While this may hamper your chances for grabbing your first and most obvious choice for your user name (like the exact name of your business) it doesn’t mean that you should choose a name at random or on a whim.

Your blog and social networking accounts are extensions of the brand that you’ve created and you should make every effort to make them identifiable as such.  Remember that if prospective customers can’t find you, they certainly can’t buy from you.

In addition to being easily found, you also want to be easy to connect with.  Add highly visible links on your website that direct visitors to your blog and to your social networking profiles.  When posting status updates on your social networking accounts do more than just direct followers to product offers, direct them to the free and high quality content on your blog as well.

Last, but certainly not least, when a customer reaches out to you on any one of these venues, it’s imperative that you respond.  Comments on your blog and Facebook status and personal messages on Twitter must be addressed if you want to reap the benefits of these powerful marketing tools.

The combination of a regularly updated blog and social networking accounts can lead to a sizable increase in quality leads, but only if those leads can actually find and easily communicate with you.

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