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Written by Stu Kushner

Make a Bigger Impact with Social Media in 2011

 Cat5e Cat6/6a CablingIf you haven’t yet begun to see a reasonable return on your time invested on Twitter, you may be thinking about throwing in the towel. Before you give up on Twitter as a marketing mainstay though, try making a few of these simple changes to attract more followers and see better results.

Don’t Over Sell

You are using Twitter for marketing purposes, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to constantly advertise your wares by way of your updates.  Extreme self promotion is not a way to gain followers; in fact it’s probably one of the best ways to lose them.

Follow and Share

Find the powerhouses and major players in your niche and follow them.  When one of the experts in your niche tweets something of value, share it with your followers.  Retweeting valuable and relevant content posted by others is a great way to get noticed and to pick up additional followers of your own.

Create Quality Content

Post regular, well written and well researched articles on your business blog and link to them on Twitter.  Though you don’t necessarily want to “sell, sell, sell” on Twitter, promoting usable content that you’ve created is definitely a good thing and will not only get you more Twitter followers, but most likely more blog followers as well.

Don’t give up on social media if you haven’t yet experienced its potential power.  Try to implement a few of these very simple steps to boost your followers and 2011 will very likely be a better year than 2010.

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