Written by Stu Kushner

It Never Hurts to Ask

AskingYou spend a lot of time on your marketing efforts in order to drive as many prospects to your site as possible.  It only makes sense to multiply the chances of getting your content in front of the eyes of more solid leads if you can, so why aren’t you asking for it?

If you’ve got great content that needs to be read or if you are offering a can’t miss promotion that will most certainly turn visitors into customers, simply ask your followers to pass your information along.  You’d be surprised just how effective adding the words “please retweet” to the end of one of your Twitter updates or “please share” to the end of a Facebook status update can be.

This isn’t necessarily a marketing tactic that you should employ on every single status update, but if you are confident of the value of your post you should absolutely ask for some help getting the word out.  Most people are completely willing to share some valuable information with their contacts, but some won’t seem do so without a little prompting on your part.

You don’t hesitate to direct your prospects and customers to take the next step with appropriate direction on your website so don’t hesitate to do so with your social media accounts either.  Generate incredible content and come up with amazing promotions then ask for a little help to get the word out – odds are that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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