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Written by Stu Kushner

Stimulate Ongoing Conversations by Blogging your Opinion

online marketing,bloggingYou are an authority in your niche and you’ve worked and studied hard to become so.  There is no reason for you to simply report industry news when you can open a platform for dialogue by sharing your personal expert opinion on things that are occurring within your industry.

Some people are afraid of controversy and it is completely understandable to not want to rock the boat too much or to risk offending loyal customers.  There is a difference between attempting to be controversial just for the sake of ruffling feathers and openly sharing your personal view on an industry topic that don’t necessarily agree with though.  Being open and honest with your readers while discussing things that are important to you can be a much more effective marketing strategy than rehashing news that has already been reported.

In order to make your business blog as successful a part of your online marketing strategy as possible it needs to be a complete industry resource for your readers.  By generating high quality and usable posts about every pertinent industry topic, good or bad, you’ll create a much more loyal following and stand a much better chance of getting your posts shared.  This will ultimately lead to not only additional readers but additional sales as well.

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