Written by Stu Kushner

Success Breeds Success

 Internet marketing , website designMost small business owners are willing to devote countless hours of their time to ensure the success of their venture.  While devotion to your business on all fronts is a good thing, it’s important to apply that effort to the most appropriate places if you want to achieve the most effective results.

Far too many small business owners spend too much of their time fixated on analyzing the failures they’ve experienced rather than learning from the successes.  It’s important to remember that even some of the best laid plans won’t always pan out as you had hoped.

Even marketing and development strategies that seemed like sure things can result in a disappointing return.  Instead of investing hour after hour trying to learn exactly what went wrong from a PPC or social media venture, try to spend some time focusing on and learning from positive marketing efforts. Not all Internet Marketing strategies work for all businesses. PPC was not a good fit for Progressive Office. We didn’t try to figure out why. We simply ended the campaign and then worked on other ideas.

There are, undoubtedly, things that you can learn from your mistakes, but it’s important that you don’t become fixated or waste too much time thinking about efforts that have proven unfruitful.  There is a much better chance for future successes if you focus on successful ventures that you, and other businesses, have had and try to mirror those experiences rather than constantly over-analyzing your failures.

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