Written by Stu Kushner

Success on Multiple Platforms Requires Multiple Efforts

Crazy-Social-Networking-300x211In order to reap the biggest rewards from your social network marketing efforts, you need to invest more than the time that it takes to generate a single update.  Too many business owners lump their social networking efforts together and share the very same information on one venue that they do on another.

For your marketing efforts on social networking sites to really pay off you, need to provide usable content for all of your friends and followers.  You’ve got to consider the fact that a good portion of your Facebook friends may also be following you on Twitter, sharing the exact same updates on both sites may result in losing some potentially valuable leads.

The idea behind using social networking as a means of marketing your business is to have an up-to-date connection with prospects and customers.  If you’ve been sharing the very same content across multiple accounts, the idea of doubling your efforts may seem like a huge undertaking.  That extra effort will could end up paying huge dividends in the end though by leading to more friends, more followers and more sales.

Twitter and Facebook can both be valuable tools for driving visitors to your website and spreading the word of your brand, but both require a unique approach in order to see the best results.  You want your friends and followers to be impressed by your expertise in your niche and by your willingness to go the extra mile to always provide them with something useful.  You can’t possibly achieve that effect by recycling a single update across all of your accounts.

Our website designs automate the process of pushing new posts out to both Twitter and Facebook. This automation makes it much easier to stay connected and current with your Social fans and friends. Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for visiting our site.

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