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Written by Stu Kushner

Google Wants Quality Too

online marketing, blog,post, contentIt isn’t just your customers and prospects that are looking for quality material; the most powerful search engine in the land is in the hunt for better material as well.  The latest changes in the Google algorithm have been pointed at article directories and will ultimately make it more difficult for online marketers to draw traffic if they haven’t produced quality work.

Article directories used to be a hotbed of activity for online marketing to generate as many inbound links as possible.  You could easily rehash a previously used piece of content or idea in a few hundred words that would be picked up by search engines and help drive traffic to your site.  With Google’s new algorithm however, these lower quality efforts won’t be getting nearly as much attention from search engines.

If you are new to article marketing for your website, this change to the Google algorithm probably won’t have a whole lot of bearing for you.  Your focus should simply be to deliver the highest quality and most useful articles that you can regardless of where you plan on publishing them in order to get traffic.

In order to build lasting relationships with prospects and customers, your focus should be on providing quality in every step of your business.  If you produce a good product, provide the best possible service and generate the most useful content to draw traffic into your website. That way you should be able to establish your brand and increase your sales.

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Written by Stu Kushner

Diversify Your Content for Marketing Success

Office Cabling,Structured CablingYou are in business to attract customers and to sell your unique product.  In order to do so, you’ve got to get the word out about your product via a number of different marketing channels, but the most obvious manner of doing so isn’t always the most effective.  The problem many businesses run into when using some of the most effective forms of internet marketing, blogs and social media, is that over advertising is one of the fastest ways to lose your following.

When a potential new contact is considering subscribing, following or becoming a fan, the first thing they do is quickly peruse your profile and the content that you’ve produced.  If they scroll through page after page of the same tweet, update or post that offers nothing more than a link to your product there is a very good chance that they’ll look elsewhere for a connection.

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