Written by Stu Kushner

Find Common Questions to Create Compelling Content – DC SEO Help

seo-questions-300x300We’ve talked a bit about using direct questions from customers to generate quality content for your blog.  Attacking customer questions should provide plenty of fodder for several weeks of posts, but this manner of developing new content for online marketing may not last forever.  There is a chance, especially if you are diligent in your posting schedule, that you will eventually exhaust the questions asked directly by visitors to your site.

If you find yourself struggling for content and really enjoy generating posts that display your expertise by providing thoughtful answers, look to

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Written by Stu Kushner

Maximizing Marketing Efforts

content writing, SEO, internet marketingYour business blog and Twitter account can each be powerful marketing tools when used separately, but you can maximize your potential conversions by learning how to make the two work together.

Posting links to recent blog posts on Twitter can serve as a way to get the word out when a new post has gone live, but you’ve got to offer more than that to reap the full benefit of your Twitter account.  Despite the fact that you’ve only got 140 characters to prove your point or engage your followers on Twitter many will expect, and deserve, more than just a link to point them to a new post.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a whole lot of additional effort to push your Twitter followers to a blog post and compel them to get involved in the conversation.  Inform your followers that you’ve got new content published while simultaneously asking them to contribute their point of view.  Using phrases like “we need your feedback,” “we’d appreciate your help” or “we’d love your opinion” prior to your link will not only push your followers to your content but gently urge their participation.

By incorporating this approach into your marketing you can ensure that the content that you’ve worked so hard on will be read and that you’ll have the chance to attract reader opinions as well.  Hearing the thoughts of your customers and prospects on certain issues can help you determine new directions to take with your content and future developments for your business and can even possibly help foster ideas for future posts.