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Written by Stu Kushner

Generate Interest in Upcoming Endeavors

 online Marketing, DCIf you make a major upgrade to an existing product or develop a completely new product that is certain to solve pressing issues for your target customers, chances are you’ll see a boost in sales.  If you wait until the product has launched before making your customers and prospects aware of the exciting news you could be missing out on a golden opportunity in your online marketing efforts though.

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internet marketing, Website Design
Written by Stu Kushner

Internet Marketing for Market Focus

Internet Marketing Website Design, internet marketing,SEO can have an amazing effect on a business. For me, it changed how I emphasized my core specialties. Progressive Office has four areas of expertise; Managed Services IT Support, Cabling, Printer Repair and Internet Marketing. Now as a technically inclined person, I have always been drawn to IT support. So, I always put the most emphasis on that aspect of my business. We have always done IT support. The other areas came along later but IT was always there and really the core of what is Progressive Office.

My Internet efforts changed my perspective. I wanted to do IT Support. But what I want to do for my clients did not match what the market was demanding. I was applying my knowledge of Internet Marketing by concentrating on a few areas. I had created a core group of keywords and keyword phrases that are desirable for my business. I then started creating a lot of unique  content on my website about our areas of expertise. I made most of the pages about IT support but also created a number of pages for printer repair, internet marketing and cabling. I also started blogging. I have about 120 pages of content now and the results of my efforts really surprised me.

My efforts created increases in my business in all 4 areas. But the area that has increased the most has been cabling. I don’t know why. I am sure it is all about supply and demand and maybe other cabling companies are not as likely to be competing with me on the Internet. I don’t know. But it feels like there is more of a demand for cabling. So, I am putting a little estra effort into marketing my cabling services.

I will continue to market everything that Progressive Office is capable of doing. But I am putting a little extra effort into what my potential clients are looking for on the Internet.

Begin your Internet Marketing campaign now and let the Internet tell you where your market is.