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Written by Stu Kushner

Do Newsletters Really Help?

When business newsletterowners are asked if they publish a newsletter, the majority will say “No”.

Which leads to the next question: “Why not?”  Some of the answers are:

  • “It takes too much time.”
  • “It’s  a waste of money”
  • “I don’t see any use for one”

The perception is that publishing a newsletter does nothing to keep customers loyal to your business: Many will ask:”How can a news letter prevent customers from going to the competition?” But that’s not really the point. After all, sales and advertising can’t guarantee customer loyalty either, so why do we still advertise and have sales and promotions? They don’t prevent customers from being lured by competitors either, yet advertising

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Written by Stu Kushner

Getting Leads

 online marketing, DCAs a web designer, we here at Progressive Office are constantly looking for leads. It’s business. And leads always have the potential to turn into clients. Our leads come primarily from referrals. But we also have a source that is working very well for us. We use Thumbtack to seek out small businesses that are seeking help with a new website and Internet Marketing of the site. It has been cost-effective at getting us new clients. So, we highly recommend that you look into using it for your business.

Written by Stu Kushner

Standing Out from the Crowd

 online marketing,blogThere is a very good chance that your small business has a few direct competitors that provide a very similar service or product.  Depending upon the industry you’re in you might have dozens or even hundreds of competitors who are fighting to provide the very same solutions to your current or prospective customers.

You might be taking every necessary step to advertise your wears via your business blog and multiple social media accounts but simply participating in those online marketing efforts may not be enough.  Plenty of businesses in your niche are probably active on social media and generating regular SEO friendly blog posts as well, you’ve got to do something that makes you stand out if you want to succeed.

If there is stiff competition in your niche and a multitude of various sized businesses vying for the same customers with similar content, you’ve got to stand out by delivering only the highest quality material.  Take the time to understand exactly what your target customers are looking for and do everything that you can to provide it to them with the content that you produce.

If you can deliver well written, grammatically correct and easy to read posts that solve problems and provide vital answers to questions you should have little problem standing out from the crowd.  Use your social media profiles to share the content you’ve worked hard to develop and those that find it useful or intriguing will be likely to share it with their connections.  This approach to online marketing will broaden your reach, further establish you as an expert in your niche and ultimately lead to more traffic and more sales.

Written by Stu Kushner

Success Breeds Success

 Internet marketing , website designMost small business owners are willing to devote countless hours of their time to ensure the success of their venture.  While devotion to your business on all fronts is a good thing, it’s important to apply that effort to the most appropriate places if you want to achieve the most effective results.

Far too many small business owners spend too much of their time fixated on analyzing the failures they’ve experienced rather than learning from the successes.  It’s important to remember that even some of the best laid plans won’t always pan out as you had hoped.

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