Written by Stu Kushner

The Secrets of “Viral” Videos

VideoWhat are “viral videos”?  They are videos that act like a virus, they travel form viewer to viewer and web site to web site and are seen around the internet. They’re videos with hundreds of views or more.

Yes, it easier if you’re posting a music video, but there’s no reason that a well produced video about a product or service can’t get the same kind of attention on the Web.  Like any other type of advertising, it’s all about the market, and the marketing.

If you want a truly viral video that will get millions of people to watch content is key. But good content is not the whole story; how it’s presented is the key: It’s not just “Bread”, it’s “Wonder Bread”.

There are two options for getting a video on your website – you can make the video yourself, or hire a professional to create the video.  Unless you have the technical resources and knowledge it’s better to hire some professional. Remember, you’re not making a home movie, you’re advertising you product and services to millions of people

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Written by Stu Kushner

Mistakes That Can Ruin A Marketing Video

Mistake 1: Ignoring the script:  The “story” is everything. But how can you tell a “story” about a product in sixty seconds?  Think about what an effective TV advertisement does. It “grabs you” in the beginning, and then sells the product with a theme or “story” you can relate to without using the “hard sale”. Develop a script based on the core values and goals of your company and what your company stands for and how it reflects in your products or services.

Mistake 2: Writing the script yourself.  You’re too close to the subject. Hire a good writer and provide an outline of what you want to say. Keep your door open and allow free access.  They will consult with you, listen to your needs and ideas and then write with the customer/client’s viewpoint in mind. If you DO write the story yourself, get a professional writer/editor to review and proofread. An objective view will help “sell” your story.

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Written by Stu Kushner

Marketing a Successful Web Video

The best way to advertise and market your business today is on the internet: Think YouTube.  Many retailers have a strong presence on the web because video marketing is a significant part of their business strategy.

One 30-second video has the potential to create more customers in a week than you can get from “traditional” advertising in a month. Like any advertising strategy, negative reactions can cost you both in sales and reputation. This is why businesses need to learn to use online videos effectively. An effective video will pay for itself, if effectively made and marketing.

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Written by Stu Kushner

Making Videos Work

Online video offers what was once limited to expensive TV advertising: reach and emotional engagement with potential customers. But unlike expensive TV advertising, it’s relatively cheap and can provide almost immediate response and measurable feedback.

Importing television-style advertising is not the solution. That’s because Internet and television are two completely different video experiences. Television is a “lean back”, essentially passive “sit down and watch” experience. The Internet is “lean forward” — users are actively controlling their experience. Interactivity means the viewer is in control. With TV, viewers can just change the channel, but with the internet, they just might talk back.

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Written by Stu Kushner

Effective Video Marketing

Video is a complex art form. And for businesses who want to exploit the internet’s ability to contact, interact and serve potential customers; there is nothing else that comes close to its power and effect. A well-designed, interactive video on the web is a great way to promote your products and services.  But getting the best out of it is often a challenge.

Welcome to the “Short Attention Span Internet”. The typical web browser’s attention span can be measured in seconds, so make sure your site’s style, content or message is compelling, and brief. Like a bathing suit: short enough to get their attention; long enough to cover the subject.

Let Them Know It’s a Video. A casual browser needs to know there’s a video to show.

Make it short! Two minutes may seem short to say everything you want to say. It really isn’t.

Make it professional! Hire an established video production company to produce your video. Arming an employee with a camcorder defeats the purpose.

The video is a virtual handshake.  Make your video like it was a personal meeting.  Be at the “front door” to greet your online “visitors” as you would at the office.  Even virtual visitors like to see warm bodies.

Sound is everything – there are countless videos on the web that don’t use sound. Effective videos combine sound with images. Video is not just being “visual”. After all, who pays to see a silent movie anymore?  That said, don’t be a “talking head”. It’s the internet — use it’s interactivity to “show and tell” your products and/or services.

Be interactive. Interaction keeps the web browser active, interested and involved; which is why hiring a professional video company with experience in web design and marketing can ensure a professional look to your site.

Written by Stu Kushner

Making a Video for your Website

Video is a powerful tool for personalizing a business, and with the increasing number of internet websites advertising goods and services, it’s become almost a necessity. Yet many are hesitant about making one.  Unfamiliarity with the process of filming and plain old stage fright will be a factor, but practice makes perfect – even professional actors often need several “takes” to get it right.

The benefits of video marketing on the internet are well known.  Video marketing personalizes your business and when consumers associate a product with a person, it helps sales and revenue. After all, people want to do business with a person, not just a logo – just ask Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima.  And this is your chance to state your vision, values and goals.

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Written by Stu Kushner

Reach a Wider Audience with Social Promotion of Video Content

internet marketing, Management, WordPressIf you’re relatively new to the online marketing game, generating a video for marketing purposes may seem like a frightening undertaking.  In reality though, a decent video won’t take you much longer to produce than a high quality blog post and could help you to reach and connect with a much larger audience.

You don’t need any special education or overly complex tools in order to create a video that will attract new contacts or generate interest in your business.  If you’ve got a smartphone or a basic video camera and a deep understanding of your own product you’ve got more than enough to take your online marketing to a more visual level.

Start this phase of your online marketing plan by shooting a short video that shows prospects how to use your product or a video that highlights the features that set it apart from the competition.  Upload your video to YouTube, share it via your social networking accounts and blog and ask your connections for shares and feedback.

Not all of your connections will have the time or patience to read a thousand word blog post a few days a week, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they wouldn’t benefit from the information.  By sharing both well written blog posts and informative short videos you will be able to reach and help a much broader audience than you would through blog posts alone.  These additional connections can help to spread the word of your brand even further and will ultimately result in more chances for you to engage qualified leads.