Written by Stu Kushner

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Optimize

eCommerce-SEO-150x150An e-commerce store generally has a separate page to highlight each individual product or service that they offer.  Unfortunately, many online businesses fail to use these individual pages to drive more customers to their site with properly optimized content.

Search engine optimized content should be used as part of your marketing strategy at every opportunity to drive more qualified traffic to your site.  For every landing page you’ve got an opportunity to focus on a different, more specified keyword phrase that could potentially separate you from the competition and result in more quality leads winding up on your page.

Instead of focusing on the very same keyword or words that every other business in your niche uses for SEO marketing, diversify with a variety of long tail keywords for each product page.  Long tail keywords can be developed by adding a specific location to your primary keyword or by adding descriptive terms that help your product stand out from your competition.

If you sell chocolate confections out of Boston, rather than optimizing only for the search term “chocolate” optimize a product page for “Boston chocolates,” “Boston chocolatier” or “hand crafted Boston chocolates.”  By adding just a word or two to your targeted keyword or phrase you can drive up your search ranking and help direct prospective customers to exactly what they are looking for. This approach can quickly turn people who simply stumble upon your website via a popular search engine into immediate customers, which will ultimately increase your sales.

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