Written by Stu Kushner

The Goal of Content Creation and SEO

I found this remarkable graph.  It shows the percentage of traffic on Google that clicks-thru to a website based on the search results position on the page. As you can see, the first position garners nearly one-third of all of the clicks.website management, marketing The number two position gets about 17% of the traffic and the clicks drop dramatically from there.

This really shows how critical it is to achieve that first position on the first page. Anyone that tells you that the goal is to get onto the first or second page is very mistaken. Once you are off the first page, you are not likely to get clicked at all.

So, how do you get on the first page?

You need to create content by writing on a regular basis. Write about current events, opinions, ideas, stories. Give definitions about the products and services in your industry. Write about the resources that are available to your community and provide links to important documents. Turning your website into a resource will help you gain inbound links from other sites. And it will help you gain page rank from Google and the other search engines.

Then your new content needs to be optimized so that Google and the rest have a clear understanding of the content. Every page is searchable. So, keep creating content. And if your site does not have a content management feature. Or if it is not doing well as a marketing tool for your business, contact us. We will do a free website analysis and proposal that includes a fresh new design and Internet Marketing support and services.Click Here

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