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Written by Stu Kushner

The Importance of Fulfilling Your Promises

online marketing, Content writingWhen creating any type of content for your business a good title is absolutely critical to success in your online marketing campaign.  If you can’t immediately grab a prospects attention with a catchy, clever and thoughtful title there is a very good chance that you’ll miss the opportunity to engage them further.  While you should take as much time as necessary preparing the perfect title for your posts and videos it is also of critical importance that you follow up that powerful title with the appropriate content.

If you promise a specific solution to a serious issue with the title of your content you’ve got to make sure that the content that you deliver fulfills that promise as fully and completely as possible.  Offering up a title for the sole purpose of attracting attention or soliciting clicks through to your website may provide a temporary spike in traffic, but it will do little to improve your business in the long run.

If you promise the “Top 5 Secret Methods of Increasing Web Traffic,” the content needs to deliver five highly effective and little known methods of gaining website traffic to avoid reader disappointment.  Generating titles that will compel readers to click through is huge, but success in your online marketing efforts will require that you generate the trust necessary for a reader to take the next step.  The best way of generating trust is by consistently delivering high quality content and fulfilling every promise that you make to your readers.

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