The NEW “Door to Door” Salesman

In an era of mass media, the information we get is often remote and impersonal. Especially in online advertising and marketing, the “human element” is often lost; and even costumers who go to a store or office often end up waiting their turn before being served; often by unfamiliar and impersonal strangers.

That, in a nut shell, is modern salesmanship: It’s all about “mass marketing”. Yes, a company can reach hundreds, even thousands through television and print advertising, but it’s impersonal; focusing on the product and the sale, not always on the customer.

In the “old days” — before mass media and “internet marketing” existed; the “Door-to-Door” salesman was the “advertisement”, someone who sold his wares personally, one customer at a time. In those days, the Door-to-Door salesman was often a welcome visitor; someone who personally offered products without the customer ever leaving home, but most of all, he provided a personal, human connection to the product, someone who the customer knew personally.

Those days are gone, but the basic concept of the “door to door” salesman still exists, somewhat. in TV and internet advertising and sales. But the real Door to Door “salesman” is the company newsletter. It can revive the “personal” element of sales and marketing in the home or office of the subscriber.

By subscribing, the customer is essentially inviting you into their home, and by doing so, they create a personal connection between you, your company and your product. And internet delivered newsletter can create an effective relationship between the client/customer even more.

Print and media advertising is essentially a “shotgun” approach, aiming at a mass market and hoping some of them gets “hit” with the message.  A newsletter can be a “rifle”; targeting individuals with a specific and personalized message.