Written by Stu Kushner

The Secrets of “Viral” Videos

VideoWhat are “viral videos”?  They are videos that act like a virus, they travel form viewer to viewer and web site to web site and are seen around the internet. They’re videos with hundreds of views or more.

Yes, it easier if you’re posting a music video, but there’s no reason that a well produced video about a product or service can’t get the same kind of attention on the Web.  Like any other type of advertising, it’s all about the market, and the marketing.

If you want a truly viral video that will get millions of people to watch content is key. But good content is not the whole story; how it’s presented is the key: It’s not just “Bread”, it’s “Wonder Bread”.

There are two options for getting a video on your website – you can make the video yourself, or hire a professional to create the video.  Unless you have the technical resources and knowledge it’s better to hire some professional. Remember, you’re not making a home movie, you’re advertising you product and services to millions of people viewing literally thousands of videos online every day.

Web videos are as competitive as any television or print advertisement: It needs to be seen, and remembered.  For most businesses, choosing a third party video platform is the better solution. They will offer better bandwidth costs, provide you the tools to manage your video and help create a compelling video that attracts viewers. Sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, and DailyMotion  get a lot of traffic.

Don’t let ego and expense limit your options. It’s a competitive environment; like any product, what you spend on quality will bring you more profit in the long run. Videos are a big investment with some risks, but the returns can make if worth the effort.

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