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Written by Stu Kushner

Tips to Get more Interaction on Facebook

Social-Marketing , website managementIn order to have success from your internet marketing efforts on social media sites like Facebook you’ve not only got to attract people to your page, you’ve got to engage and interact with them as well.  You want your fans to click and share the links in your status updates and get feedback on your wall posts.

The first rule you need to follow in order to get the greatest amount of interaction on Facebook is the first rule that applies to every segment of your internet marketing – make your posts usable.  If you continually provide your fans with interesting content that provides solutions or entertains you’ll definitely begin to reap the rewards of social media marketing.

Another step you can take to engage your readers is to make your posts visually appealing.  Include images and YouTube videos in addition to your insightful commentary in order to catch your fans’ eyes and to compel them to click and interact.

Experimenting with the times of your updates can have an impact as well.  If the majority of your fans are local to your business and work or go to school on more traditional time schedules, nine a.m. may not be the ideal time to post.  Many Facebook users are the most active when the normal rigors of their day are through, so you might want to try evening updates to give fans more opportunity to see your updates as soon as they log on.

Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool to help grow your brand.  Simply taking the time to perfect how you approach interactions with connections on Facebook can help to create more conversions and give you a decided advantage over your competition.Click Here

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