Written by Stu Kushner

“Tuned In” or Turned Off?

A recent study found that 66% of online users have viewed an online video advertisement. Obviously, online videos have advantages for businesses. A video can visually display and describe a product in detail. And the display not a static photo but something that can be move and be manipulated virtually. It has depth and is interactive.

Studies have found that 40% of internet users who view online video advertisements have visited the web site mentioned in the video, and 15% subsequently requested product information.

Businesses also gain high recognition for their products by having ads circulating on the web. The most effective form of advertisement is a well-made video  showcasing products and spreading both the brand and the company’s name around the world.

Videos on search engines have proven to be successful for product and brand recognition. 38% of those who watch web videos say they pass the both the information as well as the videos to others through e-mail.  Sharing web videos is a step beyond word of mouth advertising, however, and web information sharing can expand a company’s “brand” exponentially.

No wonder many businesses are using online video as part of their promotions, with online videos extolling products and services in a more personal and effective way than any other advertising medium.

In this fast paced and “wired” world, people are more used to getting information from the internet than from more traditional sources like TV and newspapers ads. Online video creates a personal link between a business and its customers.

People now get their recreation and information from a video link. It is interactive and immediate;  and is a far more effective business  strategy for advertising products and services.

Not being on the cutting edge means being “turned off”. Smart businesses know that being “tuned in” means more business, and more revenue.

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