Written by Stu Kushner

Honest, unique content is Best SEO Practice

chain-links-300x225Improper tactics used by companies that are trying to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques such as loading web pages with keywords are being detected and rejected by the search engines.

Microsoft has publicly stated that they prefer “quality over quantity” in their effort to build the index to their Bing search engine.

Inbound links (also known as Backlinks) to a website are associated to the keywords of the link. For example, when we design a website we like to include a small link at the bottom that might say Internet Marketing that is linked to our website. We have a huge advantage as a web design firm in creating legitimate links on the websites we design. It is a standard practice and our clients don’t mind. It’s like having a brand name on your car. But getting links like this is something that will occur organically. If you create great content, your site will earn links from people that want to use your content as a way to make a point on their own site.

So , You should be very wary of Link Building firms. This site gets hundreds of blocked Spam links because link building firms are out there trying to create junk links on the Internet. This kind of link building can actually be damaging to your web site’s page ranking.

Both Google and Microsoft have policies that punish web sites that try to use hidden text and artificially created links to their site. In some cases, Google and Bing will prevent a site from appearing in their search engines. Yahoo has not made a public statement but I would assume that they are working hard to maintain the integrity of their search results and are also using algorithms to detect false links and trick content.

Creating value on your websites continues to be the growing and preferred method of earning credibility with the search engines. And for every trick that is developed, the major search engines are working to detect it. Don’t take any chances. Don’t hire a link building form. Don’t play any tricks on your site. Just create great content. Make sure your website has content management. And if it doesn’t, contact us and we will tell you how you can get it.

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