Written by Stu Kushner

Video Advertising on the Web

Advertisers know that it’s hard for people to relate to a product unless there’s a name and a brand behind it. The advantage of personalizing a product is well known. Think of “Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice” or “Betty Crocker’s Pancake Mix” from the 30’s and 40’s. Those images, real or invented, became synonymous with the product.  Television brought both the product and the brand into the living room, and now the Internet sells it worldwide.

With so many companies now using the Internet to advertise and sell their products, the problem is not finding an audience, but how the audience will find you. Web-savvy companies use videos not only to sell their products, but to sell their company as well, “personalizing” the product and brand by linking it to the mind and body of the person responsible for it.

It gets results. Think Apple computers and Microsoft software — the images that comes to mind is not only the products they makes but the guiding lights behind those products — Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The product, the company and the person are synonymous – you think of Apple and you envision Steve Jobs, and vice versa — you can’t separate one from the other. Consumers see a person as well as a product — that gives them confidence — someone is standing behind the product and taking responsibility for it.

Web advertising is as competitive as any other medium, but with far greater advantages and potential. Internet advertising is global – wherever the internet is, so are you, your company and your product.  Take a clue from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – make you and your company the same in the minds of your customers. Whether you star in the video or use a paid endorser, linking you to your company and your product is vital.

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