Written by Stu Kushner

Clean Up Your Business Blog

Website ClutterPopular publishing platforms like WordPress make creating interesting and unique blog designs simple for users who have little knowledge of HTML.  While this can have a huge benefit for small business owners who want to market their product with an attractive and interactive experience, it can easily lead to blogs that are cluttered with unnecessary distractions.

Adding useful widgets and interesting sidebar elements can certainly help to enhance your visitor’s experience but it’s important to not get too carried away.  Your blog should be an entertaining, informative and fun place for prospects to visit, but you need to remember that the prime objective is still the marketing of your product or service.

Every so often you and your employees should make it a point to visit your business blog and examine it for elements that don’t necessarily belong.  Take a look at the items in your side bar and identify anything that could be distracting or that doesn’t directly benefit the reader or your business.  Once you’ve identified these items that are crowding your business blog, take the simple steps necessary to remove them.

Streamlining your blog will give it a much more professional look and help you to keep your visitor’s attention where it needs to be. And it will help convert them from prospects to customers.

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