Written by Stu Kushner

Website Contact Us Page Design Ideas

lighbulb-150x150When you build a website, it is very important to make it easy for your clients to get in touch with you.  They are either going to want to visit you, call you or they are going to want to fill out an on-line form. That can be achieved by doing a few things right and by avoiding a common mistake. Here are the three things you should do.

  1. Put your phone number in your header or in a sidebar so that it is always visible on every page as visitors navigate your site.
  2. Add a Contact Us image that is linked to a Contact Us form that is relevant to the page they were visiting.
  3. Create multiple landing page forms. Each form should be designed to ask questions that are relevant to the visitors needs. If they are on a page about widget sales than they should be directed to click on an image that sends them to a survey about their need for widgets.

What not to do.

Do not publish any email addresses on your website. The Internet is crawling with bad guys that are looking for email addresses for spamming and for sending out Scareware and other bad things. Build a form. Build lots of forms and program the form to send the email.  If you need help in getting specialized forms designed, let us know. We do the for free as part of our Internet Marketing Support to our clients.

You can also try obfuscating your email address. This free Email Address Obfuscator uses obfuscation to generate a “mailto:” link which will confuse naïve spambots, but will still work in standard browsers. This is not an ideal solution because some Spambots can decipher the obfuscation code. But it will work better than just displaying your unobfuscated email address(es).