Written by Stu Kushner

Diversify Your Website Content and Keyword Phrases

Keyword-PhrasesIdentifying the most crucial high-traffic keyword or keyword phrase for your business and peppering your site’s content with it is crucial for your search rank.  But if you want to truly reap the rewards of your internet marketing efforts though, you need to think beyond just that single phrase.

Multiple landing pages and ongoing blog articles publications that contain alternative, lower traffic keyword phrases give your site a much greater opportunity for new traffic.  The more high quality, SEO friendly content that you have on your blog, the better the chances are that a prospective customer will find you – even if they aren’t searching the most popular or relevant term for your business.

Anytime that you can increase your chances of being found, you increase your chances of converting a visit to a sale.  The fact that you’ve got plenty of additional useful and relevant content on your site for visitors to peruse makes your site more appealing and further increases your chances of conversion.

You spend a good deal of time and effort generating that quality content for your blog as part of your internet marketing plan.  Thinking beyond that single high traffic keyword will open up the possibility that an even wider audience will find it and become interested in what you have to offer.

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