Written by Stu Kushner

Make Your Website Easier to Navigate in One Simple Step

HeadlinesPeople who search the internet for information usually aren’t looking for epic, novel length texts that they have to trudge through in order to find the information that they need.  Internet surfers, including your customers and prospects, want information that is clear, concise and very easy to navigate and you can provide that by simply including headers in your text.

A few days ago we talked about how well written titles can help get readers to click through to your site.  Headers have the power to be every bit as beneficial to your marketing plan because they can help keep the readers on your site longer — once they’ve clicked through.

Adding Headers to Text

Implementing headers into any piece of text is a simple process.  Start by reading over a blog post or piece of web content and identifying the most logical places for breaks to occur.  Construct a statement that clearly describes the forthcoming text, capitalize it as you would a title and insert it into the text in the appropriate place.

Benefits of Headers

Headers break the text of your website and blog into smaller portions that are much easier for visitors to digest.  For people who are in an even bigger hurry, your headers provide a detailed road map of your content that they can follow to find the details on your site that are the most important to them.

A well written heading in bold can easily grab a reader’s attention and compel them to investigate further rather than just moving onto the next page.  The longer you can manage to keep a reader interested in your site, the better the chance you’ve got of convincing them to take the next step.

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