Written by Stu Kushner

Website Influence

Websites-InfluenceI no longer have literature to handout to clients. I used to. I used to have nice full color folders that I gave away at every opportunity. And I have tried a multitude of Outbound Marketing techniques including mailers, radio, TV, and newspaper ads in The Washington Post. Each had its time and place in my marketing strategy. But now I only have business cards and my website.

And having a nice website is more critical than ever. Your website might be the only impression a client gets about you and your business. It might be the best marketing tool you have and it might be the only marketing tool you will need. It is likely the first place a prospective client goes to learn about your firm and how they feel about your site has a large influence on their decision to do business with you.

RainToday.com did a survey of 200 business buyers to find out how their purchasing decisions were influenced by the content of a website. These buyers were responsible for the purchase of over $1.7 billion worth of professional services. And as you can see from this graph, 74% said that the website had some or a great influence on their decision. This is 23% higher than in 2005 and represents a significant increase in the importance of websites. Only 3% say that websites had no influence. Are your clients searching for you on the web? Are they finding your company? Does your site convey a professional impression? Does your website establish your firm as an authority in your field?

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