Written by Stu Kushner

Outsourcing is Okay

Adult-at-ComputerIt’s completely natural for a small business owner to want to control everything that goes on in their business, but unfortunately that isn’t always a possibility.  If you want to effectively market your services you’ll need to use many different tools, some of which require a relatively large investment of time.

Facebook, Twitter, search engine optimized content and a blog are all very valuable pieces of any business’ inbound marketing efforts that absolutely shouldn’t be overlooked.  If you simply don’t have the time or the staff to handle each of these important aspects of internet marketing, you might want to consider outsourcing at least a portion of those efforts rather than going without.

If you provide clear direction on keywords, formatting and voice a professional management service will be able to deliver quality content that can help attract leads.   Just because you are the foremost expert on your products and services, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the only one capable of delivering expert content.

The same is true for social networking sites.  You’ll want to handle any personal messages or direct communication from customers or leads, but the simple creation of regular updates could most certainly be handled by a professional service if you provide the appropriate resources.

Outsourcing content creation doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got to personally abandon all efforts of blogging and social networking.  You can deliver posts, updates and content as your schedule permits, but leaving the bulk of it to third party professionals can free up valuable time to focus on other business essentials.

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