Written by Stu Kushner

Where are your leads coming from?

Internet MarketingAs you are marketing your business, do you know how people find you? In the past, we have used print media, radio, direct mail and other techniques to attract business. And when calls came in, at some point during the conversation, we would ask the potential new client a simple question. We always asked, “How did you find out about us?” These days, we rely almost exclusively on Internet Marketing.

And so the answer is almost always the same. “We found you on the Internet.” We always expect that answer and we get it. So, then we follow up with a more specific question. We ask, “Where on the Internet did you find us?” These usually leads to the answer “Google.” It is almost always Google but we also get answers that lead us to other search engines and to industry specific sites.

The answer to that question can help you understand your most effective Internet Marketing lead sources and where to place the most emphasis on your efforts. It also might lead you to understand that you are focusing too much effort on one source and that you might need to expand your efforts to include other engines and directories.

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