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Written by Stu Kushner

Why Businesses should use VoIP

online marketing, SEO. website managementCompanies across the nation are reducing their cost of doing business and improving customer service by using VoIP. Companies send all their information over their broadband Internet connection, including voice calls from employees and information from PCs. Companies gain savings in areas such as start up, long distance, conferencing and network infrastructure.

VoIP turns Internet infrastructure into a huge global telephone network. All phone systems can take advantage of VoIP lines. Companies don’t need an IP based (IP PBX) or an IP compatible phone system. VoIP converts the voice signal from a company telephone into a digital signal which travels over the Internet then it’s converted back at the other end which allows you to talk to anyone with a standard number.

Besides telephone cost savings, companies using VoIP gain long-term benefits such as:

• Improved team collaboration
• Improved individual productivity
• Better quality of service to customers
• Faster responsiveness to customers
• Better support for globalization efforts

According to a Gartner survey, businesses using VoIP believe it’s better than a traditional telephone system in many categories including:

• Administration
• Advanced features
• Vendor support
• Cost of ownership
• Quality of service
• End-user satisfaction

The survey showed that in each of these categories VoIP scored at least 70 percent better than a traditional telephone system. VoIP improves your business.

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  1. I think the time has come for all companies to get rid of their traditional phones, and start to save some money by switching over to VoIP. Thanks for the vital information.

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