Written by Stu Kushner

Why use a Parallax Website?

Why drive a Yugo when you can drive a Ferrari?

Parallax is the cutting edge for websites, and is perfect for businesses relying on the internet for advertising and building a customer base, especially for those customers just entering the market.  Parallax technology creates  a three dimensional effect that engages  potential customers in the same way a movie “scenes of coming attractions” entice movie audiences to see the whole picture.

Just like a traditional web site, parallax websites enable viewers and browsers easily navigate around your website each visit. First, Parallax sites look awesome. There is nothing more powerful than a stunning image with color and movement that captivates visitors, making them spend more time on your site, scrolling to their heart’s content.

Being cutting edge, however, is a two way street. People have to find your site before they can browse and be dazzled. The drawback is that with Parallax websites, your entire site is on one page, and having so many images on one page can make your loading slow on many computers, and slow load times are one of the main factors for people leaving the site. Also, scrolling parallax websites are difficult to design for all the varied number of mobile devices available.

But that’s always the issue with new technology: you sometimes have to wait while the hardware catches up. But that’s no reason to avoid or abandon something that is ahead of its time. “If you build it, they will come!”

No doubt about it. Parallax is the new technology. It’s cutting edge,  and, and not getting on the bandwagon is like driving along in your Yugo and watching all the Ferraris catch up and then pass you by.

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