Written by Stu Kushner

Managing Fresh Web Content

Your website is your business. And keeping your content fresh and interesting is an ongoing challenge. You get your website designed and then you pay and pay to make changes. With NewZframe, you can create a beautiful frame on your site that scrolls your news. You control the content without any need for rewriting the code in your site. Just login and edit your articles! Or, you can subscribe to a Publisher that is an expert in your industry. As a Subscriber, your small monthly fee gives you fresh content directly pushed out onto your website with no extra effort to you at all.

The challenge of maintaining fresh web content has finally been realized! You can self-publish your own news. Or, you can subscribe to a Publisher of your own choice. Or, you can do both! Put your own NewZframe on your home page and subscribe to a Publisher on another page in your site. Or, you can make your NewZframe available for public access and profit from Subscriptions.

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