Written by Stu Kushner

WordPress Creates Great Websites

wordpressSo, I began earnestly studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques about a year ago. I learned about how to design an effective website and I was able to increase the traffic to this website by 400% (per month) in one year.

I used to think that having a flashy website is important. And I started learning how to program in Flash. Unfortunately, Google can’t read the contents of Flash. Now, I understand that the most important features of a website are:

  • The ability to totally control the content
  • To have a website that includes both web pages and blog (posting) pages
  • To have a site that drives visitors to landing (form) pages

All of this is best achieved by using WordPress. But you don’t use it at their website because that site does not allow for you to use the great plug-ins that enable critically important SEO and other design features.

If you want a great website that gives you total control of the content and looks sharp, contact us. We also have a lot of experience at coaching our clients on the critical techniques needed to build pages that are search engine friendly. We also include Analytics.

You gotta call us… 202-462-4290. Or just leave a comment!

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