Written by Stu Kushner

Looks Good, Feels Bad

Are you happy with how your website looks but still feel like you are missing out on its full potential? If your site looks great but can only be changed by going back to the programmer and having him/her edit the page and FTP it out to the website, you have a problem. Or, maybe you are doing that your self. That would make you way more savvy than most business people. But what if you want to add a new page? Or maybe you would like to write a short article that informs your community. Hey! That is what I am doing RIGHT NOW!

And the reason this is possible is because this website has something called a Content Management System (CMS). CMS enable the website business owner to easily add, edit or delete content in the website by simply logging in, finding the page in the site and editing it. It also allows for the business to post ongoing news and informational articles. If you go to our blog, you will find an ongoing list of articles that we are generating.

But what if you have a website that you like and you can’t imagine reinvesting in a whole new design? Well, I have good news for you. Website designs are mostly made up of design elements and graphics.They have frames, fonts, images and lots of pages of content. All of the design and content can be “poured” into a good open source web design platform like WordPress. It requires FTP access to the code and graphics of the website and quite a bit of programming expertise. But it is far easier to rebuild a website from an existing site than it is to build the site from scratch.

So, if your website looks nice but it is not serving you well as a marketing tool because you have no easy way to add to the content, please call us. We can convert your site to WordPress.

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