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Written by Stu Kushner

Writing the “Perfect” Newsletter

content writing, writing a newsletter,wordpressYes, it’s the digital age, and you’ve got your professionally designed website and your magazine and television ads are reaching potential clients and customers.  You’re online. You’re visible. You’re positioned.  So, the job is done, right?

Well, yes, and no. Just like sending a nice, personally written letter to an old friend shows a bit more thought and care. went into the message than just sending an email or text message. So can a company newsletter add another, more personal dimension to your corporate outreach; one that serves both customer and employee equally.

A company newsletter showcasing new products, announcing important milestones and successes, and highlighting company goals, the efforts and achievements of your employees will “humanize” you and your company. You are no longer just a logo.  A business newsletter is the perfect forum to present your company’s goals and services, and  a forum for clients and employees to express themselves.

In a crowded business environment, A well designed and well-written newsletter can establish long-term relationships with clients, customers and employees.  In fact, a business newsletter has proved to be a valuable asset to reach employees, customers and clients personally, and is not only effective, but also inexpensive.

But how can your company newsletter avoid being just one more piece of junk mail or “spam”?

For starters, give your business newsletter a catchy and memorable name. “The Monthly Report” will probably not entice anyone to read any further. Eye-catching product labels attract buyers and an eye-catching professional, logo and format, written in an easy, “conversational” style without pontificating can give your customers useful information that is intriguing and memorable.

Of course,  a “catchy” name makes a good first impression;  but it is content and style that leaves a lasting impression.  To be consistent, professional, and relevant, a publication needs to published consistently,  every month or quarter. A  “once in a while” newsletter will be read only once in a while; if at all. Product consistency works also with your newsletter.

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