Mobile educational apps are rising because students, parents, and teachers can access smartphones. While elementary kids do not have smartphones at the same rates as middle or high schoolers, mobile educational apps are still convenient for parents and teachers. Introducing a mobile app into your school district will benefit all parties involved. We have listed below three additional benefits of mobile apps in schools:

  • Improved Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Traditionally, teachers have communicated with parents through phone calls or emails. If a parent works throughout the school day, returning a phone call can be difficult. Playing phone tag means the issue continues unresolved until the parent can effectively communicate with the teacher.

Teachers also have large class sizes, making it time-consuming to contact individual parents unless the issue is pressing. Mobile apps eliminate all of these issues. Teachers can quickly and easily send messages out to parents through mobile apps. Parents can respond through the mobile app at their convenience.

  • Tracking Student Progress

With large class sizes and little downtime, some students can fall through the cracks. You may not know how your student performs until their report card is returned. With mobile apps, you can stay updated on your child’s progress in real-time. All grades and attendance records are readily available on mobile apps. If rates start to slip for a student, early intervention can be performed to get them the help they need.

  • Improved School Communication

Schools have important news that they must communicate with parents, such as school closures or upcoming conferences. Sending papers home with students is ineffective because those papers do not always make it to the parents. Mobile apps make it easy to bridge the communication gap between parents and school administrators. As a parent, you could stay informed on the latest news affecting your school.

Progressive Office Will Design Your School’s Mobile App

School mobile apps are bridging the gap between parents and school administrators. If your school is ready to transition to a new mobile app, contact Progressive Office. We can design a risk-free mobile app for your school. We will tweak and customize the app features to only include what your school could use. Contact our office at 404-480-0053 to discuss a mobile app build with a representative.