Over recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in marketing strategies towards the online approach. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are seeking marketing assistance to boost their online visibility. Progressive Office, Inc. is a full-service Website Design and Internet Marketing company that takes a personal, hands-on approach in tailoring a marketing solution for our clients. Our goals are to design cost-effective marketing campaigns that increase online exposure, customer conversion and increased revenues.

We pride ourselves on our communications that we have with our clients. And we tailor each campaign to match the needs and goals of each client and then we follow-up with ongoing reports and feedback. Smaller firms tend to rely solely on our expertise to handle all aspects of their marketing plans. But we also work with medium and larger firms that have an existing team. For them, we provide expert guidance and support and services.

Progressive Office, Inc. specializes in small and medium-sized business marketing. Our goal for all of our clients is to provide a marketing plan and strategy that increases sales and profits. We are goal-oriented and committed to improving bottom line health. With over 25 years of business experience, we understand the needs of our clients to get tangible results from every budgeted dollar. We have a mature team of website designers, programmers and on-line marketing experts that understand the technicalities of this new marketing model.