In the early 2000s, all aspects of life as we knew it changed drastically when MySpace exploded and introduced the world to social media.  What started as a cool way for people to create a web presence that helps us find lost friends and interact with those we usually would not led to the establishment of social media marketing strategy. 

MySpace not only helped us catch up with old friends we had lost contact with, but also connected us to people with similar goals and interests across the world.  It was not long before comedians and musicians took to the site to market themselves and bring more attention to their work.  This is where social media started to bloom as another avenue to market yourself and your product. 

MySpace turned out to have a fairly short shelf life, making way to the far superior Facebook.  Facebook started out with the same general idea of helping connect with old friends and long-lost family members.  As the population of Facebook grew and gained more followers, it became clear fairly quickly that social media platforms provided an ideal platform for a new way to market your product by getting in front of people who may not have discovered it through conventional means of marketing. 

The social media universe has grown more and moreover the last 15 years, and while it is obvious that Facebook is the dominant player in the social media field thanks to its acquisition of platforms Instagram and WhatsApp, they are not the only fish in the sea of social media.  With more social media sites popping up year after year, more social media platforms became available to use as marketing tools. 

Now, with over 4 billion people signed up for one social media site or another, the various platforms are now titans in the world of marketing.  Facebook and Twitter maybe a couple of the most popular social media sites, but they are not the only viable options to fulfill your marketing needs.

Clubhouse is a fairly new site that became available to beta testers beginning in March 2020 and now requires an invite to sign up. Essentially, it is a network created solely for voice content with different conversations that you can hop in and out of as you please.  Clubhouse is a great platform to launch a new product or service with open conversation and presentations. This verbal marketing method can be a refreshing change of pace that allows creators to have a dialogue with perspective clientele instead of simply posting a simple visual advertisement. 

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