Smartphones are ubiquitous in today’s society. Most adults have a smartphone within hand reach throughout the day. However, even children are given smartphones at an early age. The study found that by age 11, 53% of children owned their smartphones. y age 12, this number jumped up to 75%. t only makes sense to utilize smartphones in schools due to their popularity. Ids are more apt to learn when it’s on a platform that they are familiar with. e have compiled six benefits of using mobile apps in schools:

  1. Make Learning Fun

Earning while having fun is an effective way to retain the material. Lecturing to students is ineffective because you lose their short attention spans rapidly. Introducing alternate learning methods, such as mobile games, helps to maintain a student’s attention and reinforces learned material.

  • Quickly Locate eBooks and Study Material.

Rather than lugging around physical textbooks, ebooks make it convenient to learn on the go. Students can have access to their ebooks anytime they open the mobile app. His makes brushing up on study materials on the bus or during downtime easy.

Parents worry about what their kids are exposed to on smartphones. Mobile apps restrict what materials children can search for and what they have access to. Students can also find additional study materials or learning aids through mobile educational apps.

  • Simplify Administrative Work

Handling school administrative paperwork is a hassle for those who work during school hours. Parents have enough on their plates to worry about. Mobile apps allow parents to pay bills, file paperwork, and perform other administrative functions online. Enrolling your student in classes for the following year or in an afterschool sport could be as easy as navigating your mobile app.

Contact Progressive Office for a Risk-Free Mobile App

There is no escaping from smartphones or technology. Rather than run from it, your school should embrace technology by implementing a school mobile app. Progressive Office can simplify the process by building a completely customized mobile app for your school. We can customize the app depending on your school’s needs and preferences. Please get in touch with one of our representatives at 404-480-0053 to inquire about our risk-free custom apps.