Your company’s website should have the goals of providing easily accessible online information to existing and future customers and convincing them to do business. In order to generate leads and sales, your website must be designed to attract visitors, who are then engaged by your content. The following will discuss the qualities a website must have to make all of the above possible.

Professional Look

Generic templates and amateur designs for websites can be spotted miles away, and they won’t reflect well on your company’s image. Visitors who do not think your website has a professional design will not be inclined to buy your products or ask for your services. Work with an experienced website designer who has a portfolio of previous work that is impressive. 

Compelling Content

A pushy, non-stop selling approach can immediately turn off visitors, who will never return. Prospects go to your company’s website to get information about your services and products. Since they are interested already, make sure that your content is relevant and interesting. To illustrate, a company offering accounting services should offer more information regarding accurate record keeping, filing federal and state taxes, and ways accountants can saving businesses money.

Clear Contact Information

A portion of your website should be devoted to clearly providing your company’s full contact information. Key staff members should have their names and e-mail addresses. The page should also include your office mailing address and telephone number(s). For smaller businesses, listing only a generic email address like will look impersonal and may give the impression your organization is not customer oriented.

Online Payment Capability

Businesses that want to sell via the Internet should make it as easy as possible for people to purchase their products. An online business should offer a well-designed shopping cart and convenient payment options, including several types of credit cards and PayPal.

Part 2 will cover Security Concerns, SEO, Social Media, and Web Hosting Services.

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